4th International

Mosaic Symposium on Sardinia.

July 30 – August 15, 2019, Ploaghe, Sardinia, Italy

Международный мозаичный симпозиум
Mosaic symposium Sardinia

Ploaghe is a small and charming city known for its significant number of sights – churches. cathedrals, archaeological and cultural monuments, which are the pride of the townspeople.

Ploaghe view
Ploaghe view

  The city has ancient historical base, this can be seen personally, admiring the numerous monuments that testify to the important foretime of this area.

San Pietro
San Pietro

    This city was the place of the diocese from 1090 to 1503, and the church of San Pietro is an important historical heritage. The city has an extensive collection of paintings by famous Sardinian artists, including the master Osieri. The works of foreign artists are also part of the art gallery. The collection is the greatest collection of works by Giovanni Spano, a native of Ploaghe, who presented the city with this private art gallery.

    Like all recent years, the 15-day event took place in the former Capuchin monastery in Ploaghe (old building of the 1600s, which has now become one of the most significant mosaic events in Sardinia and beyond). This year, the symposium brought together 10 artists from 5 different continents, and for 2 weeks they worked together, shared their experiences, their ideas about mosaics.

   This year’s theme was Tesseras and Dreams (Tesserian Dreams). The artists had the non-trivial task of shaping the color, and according to Maestro Menossi, the artists did a great job with this project.

   According to Giulio Menossi’s, he was really happy because the idea of the symposium was “absorbed, understood, lived” by all the artists present.

Giulio Menossi symposium

As Giulio says:

– The symposium is a mutual exchange of ideas, an unexpected finding with a new one, by no means a monologue, not a race, not a discussion of personalities and skills, but a place where ideas issue from history, passion, and experience. Deep collective synergy, and at the same time deeply individual creativity.

– The symposium is an aspiration to learn new things, to try oneself, to open free spaces in which one can breathe by new dreams, fresh air of creativity. Sharing and acquiring is the idea of the Symposium. This is the place where artists meet.

 A meeting is not a clash, not a hassle, not a conflict. This is a place where we exchanging ideas, where we getting to know each other better, where a miracle happens sometimes, and coal turns into gold in the magic stove of the alchemy by magic nights of Ploaghe.

  This sometimes happens, and it is an exciting experience. This is unique!

This year 10 artists took part in the symposium

Saskia Kremer (Australia), Edna Segev (Israel), Rabia Alagoz (Turkey), Beatrice Lisbona (Brazil), Neriman Guzel (Turkey), Ana Miljkovich (Serbia), Meghan Walsh (USA), Vicky Bush (Australia), Xenia Samokhina (Russia) and Dominique Vispo (Argentina)..

Mosaic Symposium Sardinia

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