Ottava 2019 mosaic

Veronica Pollini solo mosaic exhibition will start in the near future at the Gli Eroici Furori gallery in Milan. Veronica will present her latest mosaics – a collection of circular mosaic worlds inspired by the symbols of our ancient past and the relevance of our present.

mosaic Ring-of-Fire
мозаика Ring-of-Fire

ВThe mosaic exhibition was supposed to open on November 7, 2020, but, due to quarantine restrictions, it was postponed indefinitely. At the moment, Veronica’s mosaics are awaiting the removal or a serious weakening of epidemiological prohibitions in order to finally revive the walls of the Milanese gallery with the ancient mosaic technique.

lìaltra-luna-sogno-lunare-nodo-damore mosaic
Мозаика lìaltra-luna-sogno-lunare-nodo-damore

Mosaic is Veronica Pollini’s favorite media using which she creates handmade mosaics and accessories for furniture, applying skills and knowledge that are one of the most demanded Italian know-how, historically familiar and understandable to the whole world.

Swan Lake mosaic
Мозаика Swan Lake

Veronica has been starting to create mosaics since 2010, making interior accessories, experimenting with unusual combinations of materials of different natures: glass, marble, Venetian enamel, ceramics, etc.

Il-pianeta-delle-farfalle mosaic
Мозаика Il-pianeta-delle-farfalle

In recent years, she is increasingly leaning towards symbolism, “art tout court”. This phase began with participation in collective exhibitions, mainly in the context of mosaic events. The artist begins to study traditional symbols, ultimately choosing a circle as an expression of the modality of her mosaic, making a “circular mosaic” his handwriting.

orizzonti-allargati-expansor mosaic
Мозаика orizzonti-allargati-expansor

The circle with its creative power is the main symbol of the artist, as well as a capacious research topic, the purpose of his mosaics is to show his uniting and uniting power.

Like the intersecting worlds and galaxies that we can admire in the night sky, Veronica’s mosaics exude primal power. The artist arranges the tesserae, choosing them precisely by color and size, putting the energy of her hands into them.

ottava mosaico particolare

The circular mosaic worlds by Veronica tells about the circuit of the universe, recalling the endless worlds of the sixteenth century philosopher Giordano Bruno. The power of the artist’s imagination draws in front of the viewer a picture of the infinity of the world that goes beyond the visible horizons.

Ottava 2019 mosaic
мозаика Ottava 2019

As Maria Rosa Sirotti, freelance journalist who makes the fashion and design blog, writes :

“Veronica’s creative energy was always looking for a way out, even in this period of great uncertainty and isolation. This new situation, on the contrary, pushed her to search for new meanings and new solutions.

fiore-della-vita mosaic
Мозаика fiore-della-vita

As Veronica says: “During the first lockdown, I very strongly felt a general decrease in energies, as if a heavy hood was hanging over us. At that time, I felt the need to realize the symbolism of the labyrinth, inside which we somehow found ourselves, and we needed to find a way out.

Anime-mosaico-lato mosaic
Мозаика Anime-mosaico-lato

Afterwards, when summer ended, a lot of inspiration allowed me to conceive and complete several mosaics for upcoming exhibitions, primarily for the exhibition in Galleria Gli Eroici Furori Contemporary art gallery in Milan. “

dodecaedro-icosaedro mosaic
Мозаика dodecaedro-icosaedro

Mosaic lovers and masters can only expect that humanity will soon be able to defeat its daring and dangerous enemy and put into a stall, and we will return to our familiar life, to the usual friendly communication and to the long-awaited offline mosaic events.

But for now, please take a look at these mosaics with Mosaic Review and have a deep dive into the Veronica’s Circular Worlds.

Mondi-circolari-Nebulosa-Elica-sfondo-nero mosaic
Мозаика Mondi-circolari-Nebulosa-Elica-sfondo-nero
Swan-Lake-BN mosaic
Мозаика Swan-Lake-BN

In preparing the article, in addition to information from the artist, materials from web-sites were used:

Veronica Pollini solo mosaic exhibition

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