About Mosaic Review

      Mosaic Review magazine is an attempt to summarize the information flows relating to contemporary mosaic from various sources, to join together mosaic community.
      The main goal of the magazine is to make a connection the connection between mosaic artists and modern society, presenting the mosaic as an ancient, but at the same time incredibly modern art.
       By opening mosaic works of modern artists to the wide audience, we try to promote the popularization of mosaic as much as possible.
       At the same time, we would like to see our magazine Mosaic Review like a place where beginning mosaic artists and other people interested in mosaic could easier understand the modern trends in contemporary mosaic. They will be able to see with their own eyes how different and multidirectional modern mosaic is.

       Images of mosaics placed in all our folders except “Month Digest” are received directly from the authors and placed with their consent.

       Mosaic photos in folder “Month Digest” mainly have their source social networks like FB, but some of the works are also received from their authors. This section is devoted to interesting mosaic works, both recently appeared and published after some time after creation, but in any case it deserve our close attention and must be seen right now.

       The category “Events” is filled with the consent and on the basis of materials provided by event organizers, as well as their own materials Mosaic Review. In this section our mosaic magazine presents mosaic exhibitions, congresses and biennale, related to mosaic and other events in the contemporary mosaic world.

        The category “MR Favorites” presents the works of mosaic artists, who, in our opinion, most fully and vividly reflect these trends of modern mosaic. Who are in the thick of the “mosaic cauldron” and skillfully develop new trends, being pioneers of new trends and approaches.

         In the folder “Mosaic portrait” we try to talk more about mosaic artists as living people. All artists love their work, for them it’s not just a hobby, it’s their life, their energy, which they draw from nature and, processing with their imagination, transform into their babies – mosaics. Feel closer to the artist – the purpose of this section.

        The section “MR gallery” designed for artists to present their mosaics to interested people. In our opinion, such can be museums, galleries, exhibition organizers, collectors and any other people interested in mosaics.

         Other journal entries, such as “Materials and tools” and “Where to learn” are not require to present. These sections, like all others, are constantly replenished.

         “Mosaic review” in no way claims objectivity in the selection of mosaics for publication. The choice of mosaics was always and will be the prerogative of the editorial board.

         The editorial board is open for cooperation and will be happy to consider the possibility of publishing both works of mosaic artists and reports on past and upcoming events, as well as other information related to mosaic and fitting in the format of our rubrics.

         For any cooperation, please send your correspondence to the e-mail address listed in the “Contact” section.

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