MR Favorites

MR Favorites

Contemporary mosaic is very various. Many of mosaic enthusiasts and professionals try to find their distinctive way in the mosaic in different methods. Someone works within absolutely traditional mosaic canons, reminding us with their mosaics the legendary works of Roman and Greek masters.

These works keep the breath of antiquity, and at the same time incredibly modern. The viewer will feel the print of Roman or Byzantine mosaic in them, but the methods of laying the mosaic and its expression will not allow to doubt its modernity.

Someone is looking for mixed technique of mosaic, someone begins to use in his works new modern materials, means of fixation and the bases for mosaics. Some mosaicists go even further, and with their new approaches in mosaic completely turn our idea of it, as a decorative art. More precisely, the common idea about mosaic as adorning art.

The understanding of mosaic as a self-sufficient object, forming a surrounding reality for itself, affecting primarily the emotional, intuitive perception of a person, has recently received the greatest development. There are no barriers to ideas, imagination, materials and their combinations.

We try to show the whole variety of mosaic techniques. Mosaic today is a big part of contemporary art, blurring the line between pure creativity and utilitarianism. Mosaic is that tangible art form that opens the way to the heart with its tactile charm.

In this section, Mosaic review presents the works of mosaic artists, who, in our opinion, most fully and vividly reflect these trends of modern mosaic. Who are in the thick of the “mosaic cauldron” and skillfully develop new trends, being pioneers of new currents and approaches.

In this section – all the best in modern mosaic for today. We hope that our magazine is the place where the mosaic really captivates.

The MR Favorites section is in constant development; it will never be closed to new contemporary mosaic and mosaicists.

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